Iron Boss

Iron Boss Extreme

Iron Boss relies on its patented technology to supercharge the filtration chamber with oxygen. When oxygen comes into contact with the iron and hydrogen sulfide in your water, their physical properties are altered on a molecular level as they become oxidized.

The new iron oxide and elemental sulfur are then physically filtered out of your water utilizing Iron Boss’s equally unique feature – Diamonite filtration media. When combined. These two feature work perfectly together, naturally removing unwanted elements from your water.

The Iron Boss System is self-cleaning, automatically rinsing and re-oxygenating the Diamonite media bed, minimizing the need for scheduled maintenance.

One extraordinary, all natural filtration and oxidation media. One name – Iron Boss.


Iron Boss Extreme Plus pH

Iron Boss Plus pH works the same as the original Iron Boss but incorporates the ability to raise low pH water back to a neutral level.  By neutralizing low pH water, the Iron Boss Plus pH eliminates the worries associated with acidic water. Plumbing corrosion, damage to water using appliances, leaching of metals into the water, and irritated skin can all be a thing of the past.

Multiple water issues, one solution, one name – Iron Boss.


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