Hard Water

Chlorine Taste and Smell

Tastes and Odors


Low pH, acidity


Benefits of Clean Water

Reduces build-up of scale in pipes and appliances

Reduces the amount of soap and detergents required for cleaning

Eliminates hard water residue in fabrics, which can make clothing last longer

Eliminates most spotting on dishware and glassware

Lowers energy consumption in water using appliances and extends
their life


Maytag™ AP Series Whole Home Refiner

Maytag™ Carbon PreFilter

Maytag™ M-550 Reverse Osmosis



Great Product and great customer service! Definitely a satisfied customer!

Raquida E

Fayetteville NC

Installed 10/15/2018



Bottle Free Water is committed to providing our customers the highest quality Maytag water treatment equipment, excellent customer service, and the cleanest water for your home and family. We service Fayetteville, Raleigh, and surrounding areas.

Protect yourself and your investment in your home with only the best. Bottle Free Water and Maytag, superior in every way.


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