Leon Olinger 

Technician was very professional, answered all questions we had and suggested changing membrane filter on next scheduled service. The technicians are always polite. Would recommend your company to anyone in need of your service.

Great customer service!

Great Product and great customer service! Definitely a satisfied customer!

Raquida E

Fayetteville NC

Installed 10/15/2018



Peace of mind

We have loved having our new water system! It makes me feel healthier. Our clothes seem softer, our skin feels softer and hydrated, and our dishes come out of the dishwasher spotless. My favorite thing since switching is my hair wash routine. My soap suds more and my hair is so silky in the shower and after. My husband’s favorite is that we use less cleaners (dish detergent, laundry soap) so that means more money in his pocket! But really it does change a lot of things and there are too many to tell. At the end of the day it gives me peace of mind knowing we took another step towards a healthier home.

Zoe and Adam D.

Hope Mills NC

Installed 3/3/2018

Service is great!

We love the changes in the regular functions of our household since the installation of our water filtration system. the system is a health and safety improvement to our lives. We can taste and feel the difference. We see all that we were promised by the rep and the service is great, actually more than we expected.

James and Lena B.

Raleigh NC

Installed 10/25/2017



We love the water system!

We love the water system! The water tastes so much better and we use it for everything now, even the dogs water!

Thank you so much!

Kaley L.

Sanford NC

Installed 9/24/2017

We are so pleased

We are so pleased with our new water system. I can feel the difference when I take a bath. I use less soap and my skin is not so dry.


Teresa C.

Fayetteville NC

Installed 9/23/2017

We Love It

The Bottle Free Water system is wonderful. We can see the difference in how clean our dishes now are. Our skin feels nice and soft as well. We also noticed that we no longer get the ring in the toilets since the system was installed. We love it.

Yvette Peterson

Fayetteville NC 

Installed 6/12/2017

Typical Skeptic

I was the typical skeptic. Even on the 1st and 2nd day of having the system I was thinking there would be little to no difference. However, 3-4  days into showering I started noticing a massive difference in my psoriasis! Even better feeling skin and hair. Truly amazing how water affects all aspects right down to health! Love, love, love the water this company has provided my family with. Thank you!

Andrea Chambers

Fayetteville, NC

Installed 2/18/2017


My wife and I were astounded by the demonstration and shocked that we never noticed the poor quality of the water we have we have relied on for years. We were happy to install the GE System in our new in our new house. Not only do we appreciate the better taste, but we now have the confidence that our new water pipes and appliances will last so much longer and need less maintenance.

Keith Howse

Fayetteville, NC

Installed 2/21/2017

Husband has very sensitive skin

This system has been wonderful thus far. My husband has very sensitive skin and has seen an improvement. Everyone involved has been super friendly. This has been a great experience and a great product!


Viki Nobles

Whiteville, NC

Installed 2/10/2017

Better than any bottled water

The system is great! The water tastes better than any bottled water you can buy. The installers were very courteous. I have noticed a huge difference in the bathrooms with less mildew build-up. I am very pleased with everything.

Miriam Murrietta

Fayetteville, NC

Installed 2/19/2017

Wonderful System

We are really enjoying the Bottle Free Water System. We would recommend this wonderful system to anyone who owns a home. It pays for itself and the water taste like water should!

Ryan & Maria Johnson

Fayetteville, NC

Installed 2/21/2017

Softer on skin

Our water system was put in on January 14th, 2017 and we can feel the difference with the water. Its much softer on our skin and we can taste the difference as well. I think we made a great investment and will benefit from this water system for years to come. Thank you!

Latoya Green

Fayetteville, NC

Installed 1/14/2017

Best investment we made

The new water filter system we purchased is the best investment we have ever made! I can now tell the difference in the taste of our water and when we bathe as well. We also can tell the difference in the way our clothes feel after doing laundry. We buy less bottled water and now use the water from our filtration system. Thank you Bottle Free Water.

Karen Bobbitt

Cameron, NC

Installed 11/09/2016

Pleased with system

Our family enjoys drinking water from RO system. Our biggest saving is on our purchase of bottled water. The women in the house are using less shampoo and soap. Overall we are pleased with our system.

Ishmael Sabat

Cameron, NC

Installed 11/11/2016

Will never go back to unfiltered

We love our new water system. We can definitely tell a difference in taste and our skin/hair. So glad we took the leap of faith! We will never go back to un-filtered.

Phillip & Kylea Clough

Fayetteville,  NC

Installed 12/07/2016

No more dry hands

We love our water system. We can notice a difference in the soap use as well as how our skin and hair feels. No more dry hands!


Jessie & Stephanie Locklear

Clayton, NC

Installed 11/30/2017

Great investment

Bottle Free Water System has been a great investment so far. Makes our ice cubes crystal clear. We save money every day by not purchasing water bottles. We simply refill. It has also changed the quality of our food by making it have a smoother taste. We would recommend this system to our friends and co-workers.

Jason & Martha Ramirez

Fayetteville, NC

Installed 12/11/2016

Long term savings

Since we have had our water system installed we have seen our dry skin benefit the most. My son no longer requires a lot of lotion. I don’t have the itchy skin throughout the winter like I use to. We really enjoy our new system so far and can’t wait to see the long term savings.

May Lee

Hope Mills, NC

Installed 11/16/2016

Bill Decreased

We got our system back in  November 2016 and we love it! The water is so much softer and taste so much better. The thing we loved the most was seeing our bill decrease by almost $20.

Jasmine Norman

Fayetteville, NC

Installed 11/23/2016

No itchiness

I really like this system. I have dry skin and it has improved so much. No itchiness! The water tastes better too.

Rudolph & Vicky Barber

Fayetteville, NC

Installed 11/22/2016

Would recommend with high rating

This system is great! I have noticed a great difference in the softness of my skin and clothes. Will recommend this system with high rating!

Larry McEachern

Fayetteville,  NC

Installed 12/21/2016

Skin feels so smooth

Great system! Very happy with the filter and my skin feels so smooth.

Robeon Sweet

Fayetteville, NC

Installed 11/30/2016

Pure Water

We really appreciate & enjoy our new water system. It has provided our family with pure water for all types of usage.

Lonnie & Debreca Horne

Fayetteville, NC

Installed 09/16/2016

Can tell a difference

As of today we are happy with the system and can see a big difference in the quality of the water in our home.

Jeffery & Gloria Cambre

Fayetteville, NC

Installed 10/03/2016


Savings is a plus

The Bottle Free Water System has been working fine in the time we have had it. The taste of the water is so much better. We also noticed that the soap usage has reduced and the savings is a plus.

Daryll C.

Fayetteville, NC

Installed 10/28/2016

I couldn’t go back to untreated water

My family and I are very happy with our water. Since adding our system, my family and I have noticed healthier skin and I love knowing that my water is healthy for all in my household. We are happy with our choice. I couldn’t go back to untreated water after our experience.

Bryan R.

Fayetteville NC

Installed 10/7/2016

I love the system

The money I spent putting in the system is well worth it. I should have done it a long time ago. I love the system.

Paul and Gloria P.

Fayetteville NC

Installed 10/17/2016

Most Pleased

I have been most pleased with my water system – especially the great taste of my water!

Nancy C

Whispering Pines NC

Installed 7/19/2016


A Noticable Difference

I am extremely satisfied with this product. Long term it is very cost effective and brings a new sense of health and renew to my household. Also I can attest to the fact that the complexity of my facial skin has improved. I suffer from dry skin on my face from years of acne treatment. the purity of the water has made a noticeable difference in the quality of my life.

Aquilles C.

Hope Mills NC

Installed 10/19/2016


Very Pleased

We are very pleased with the product. We have noticed a difference in taste and feel of the water. We appreciate the people who have assisted us on the process and who continue to work with us.

Jesse and Anald R.

Parkton NC

Installed 10/7/2016

Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!

I Donna B. love, love, love my new water system. Since I have been using my new filtered water without chlorine and other chemicals, I certainly can honestly and truly say I am seeing a wonderful great difference. I am so thrilled and pleased; as well as satisfied. I would love to be a spokesperson for the company, for a small fee 🙂 Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! I love the system. I look great, my skin, my hair and body, my clothes, just everything.

Thanks again

Donna B

Fayetteville NC

Installed 7/13/2016

The customer service has been amazing

We have had our system for about a month now and have appreciated the advantages it has provided us, especially knowing that our children are drinking truly clean water as well as knowing our babies do not have to wear detergent and chemicals on their skin anymore. The detergent and soaps have been very beneficial. The customer service has been amazing also. We are happy with our new system and love the sense of comfort it provides for our family.

Amanda and Scott P.

Hope Mills NC

Installed 7/29/2016

I really enjoy our water system

I really enjoy our water system, our water is much softer and I save on soap products. My husband’s skin is cleared up really good, very quickly. I enjoy our new system and would and have recommend to friends.

Andrea and David L.

Fayetteville NC

Installed 7/7/2016

Our guest are impressed with the taste of our water

We have really enjoyed having the water system in our home. Our guests are impressed with the taste of our water in comparison to theirs at home. The soap has been a huge hit in our home. Guests especially love the smell of the hand soap and the feeling it leaves on their hands.

Dominic and Jessica F.

Spring Lake NC

Installed 6/30/2016

Enjoying a fresh glass of sweet tea

Thanks so much for allowing us to experience your product. We are enjoying a fresh glass of sweet tea and cooking with clearer water. Looking forward to more years of service

David and Alisha B.

Wendell NC

Installed 1/30/2016

Love our reverse osmosis system

Water taste and feels good. I notice a huge difference in our water quality. I personally love our reverse osmosis system.

Brent and Kendra D

Raleigh NC

Installed 5/7/2016


We are enjoying our water system

We are enjoying our water system. The biggest thing is knowing that our water is clean and safe for drinking. We are glad for the fact that we can save on soaps and detergents by using less to do more.

Josiah and Candice C.

Fayetteville NC

Installed 5/25/2016

A great experience

It’s been a great experience with Bottle Free Water. My skin has seen wonderful results and allergies have been minimized. Can’t say enough about Bottle Free Water and the savings.

Clarence and Elizabeth M

Installed 2/27/2016

System works great

System works great. My family and I love the taste. Best of all, my daughter eczema went away.

Michael C

Sanford NC

Installed 4/20/2016

Love the system

Love the system. Very happy and glad we purchased it.

Andre and Leisa L

Spring Lake NC

Installed 2/13/2016

A pleasure to drink

The water has been a pleasure to drink and we have cut back on the carbonated drinks because of the better quality water. Also our clothes are starting to feel better because we have removed all the harsh minerals.

Patrick M

Linden NC

Installed 4/30/2016

Love, Love, Love my water system!

Love, Love, Love my water system! The way the water tastes is excellent. My little boy is now drinking more water. Thank you!

Cximare M

Raleigh NC

Installed 4/27/2016

The system runs great

The system runs great. We have smooth clean water to drink and I can tell the difference between store bought and my filter system. Great investment.

Damien and Tara F

Knightdale NC

Installed 2/26/2016

Our water taste much better

We are enjoying the new water system. Our water taste much better and we can all tell a difference with our skin.

Angel W and Robby H

Dunn NC

Installed 5/7/2016

What did you all do to your water?

We really enjoy the reverse osmosis water. Even feeling the difference in my skin after a shower is great. We have even gotten comments about the water from our guest. My dad came to visit, he lives in Georgia, and asked me for a glass of water. We hadn’t told them about the water system and as soon as he took a sip, he stopped and said “This is smooth! What did you all do to your water?” So we told him about the system. It was great to know that not only we noticed a difference, but so does our out of town family.

Ramona H and Alvin D

Fayetteville NC

My skin feels so much softer

The system has been awesome. I can really tell the difference in bottled water and the treated water & my skin feels so much softer. I even got new towels and they make my skin feel like silk after a shower. Great System!

Cheneada and Dana G

Cameron NC

I love my new system

I love my new system. I can truly tell a difference in my water. At this time I have no questions. I have been telling everyone about it. Everyone from this business has been very kind and have answered all my questions. Thank you so much.

Mary C

Stedman NC

Thank you so much

We have had our system for a little over two months and we have definitely seen and felt a huge difference in our health and our wallets. Thank you so much for this change in our life!

Elwanda and Jeremy M

Fayetteville NC

We really enjoy the water system

We really enjoy the water system. We enjoy being able to drink out of the sink. We are also noticing we are saving money on our toiletries and our cleaning products.

Je’Quan and Desiree G

]Fayetteville NC

The water systems is great!

The water system is great. We love the taste and it’s amazing how well it lathers. We especially like the spot free glass and cutlery! It was a wise investment.

Linda and John P

Fayetteville NC

extremely pleased

Both my wife and I are extremely pleased with the water treatment system. Our water is better tasting, it really is pure. Our skin is not as dry especially in the winter months. We use less soap products which will give us exponential savings over the life of the system. Overall we think it is a great investment.

Todd and Rose C

Raeford NC


I could not be happier

I immediately noticed a difference with this water system when I began using less and less soap. My skin feels better and my clothes feel softer. I could not be happier.

Kyle and Jaclyn R

Raeford NC

WOW! What a great system.

WOW! What a great system. We purchased the system shortly after we moved in to our new home, and could not be more pleased. The taste of the drinking water is not comparable and we can’t believe how much we have saved with cleaning products alone. Highly recommended!

Jennifer and Domenic T.

Cameron NC


This water system is great

This water system is great. I can feel, taste, and see the difference. This product is a good investment and I would highly recommend it to anyone. The staff is great and quick to respond. Looking forward to tell my son and family about our water system.

Craig and Jennifer J.

Cameron NC

This water filtration system is amazing

This water filtration system is amazing. You can really taste the difference in the drinking water. You can also feel the difference when you bathe and in the cleanliness of your clothes when you take them out of the wash. I definitely recommend this to anyone and everyone.

Adam and Alex H.

Fayetteville NC

We love the way our water tastes

We love the way our water tastes, even our toddler commented how good it tastes. Our friends and family love how it tastes. Also, I have noticed much less residue in the sinks, shower, and toilets. So much cleaner.

Michael and Katherine A.

Spring Lake NC

We love our Bottle Free Water system

We love our Bottle Free Water system. We cam taste and feel the difference. This was a great decision for our home.

Vince and Shannon W.

Fayetteville NC



I tell all my friends

I love the taste of my new water, it’s wonderful. I tell all my friends.

Arenson and Tabitha W.

Fayetteville NC


The system is great

The system is great. Water quality is so much better. The drinking water has replaced 3 cases of bottled water per month.

Tracy and Donna B.

Fayetteville NC


Lives up to its claims

Before we had the new system installed, our well water had a heavy smell and taste of sulfur. It was definitely not fit for human or animal consumption. I am quite pleased that this product actually lives up to its claims. I will definitely speak highly of this system and recommend it to our friends.

Thank you!

Clinton and Robin O

Fayetteville NC

We are very pleased

We are very pleased with our water system. We thoroughly enjoy the pure, clean, fresh taste that comes from the RO (reverse osmosis) system.

Erik and Jamie O

Raeford NC

We enjoy the water alot

We enjoy the water a lot. We can taste the difference. Also with doing laundry, we save a lot with detergent because we don’t have to use as much.

Curtis and Charniece A

Raeford NC

A great investment

I enjoy the new water system. The water taste great and it has made a difference on our skin. A great investment.

Cornelius S

Raeford NC

Better quality of life

After having my Bottle Free Water system installed, I saw an immediate increase in my family’s water consumption, better coffee in the morning, less lime and calcium deposits on my dishes and sinks and an overall better quality of life. I am still happy with my system.

Michael and Tamara K

Cameron NC

The drinking water is amazing!

The drinking water is amazing! The glassware comes out of the machine spotless. Shower soap has lasted almost twice as long.

Ryan and Jennifer R

Lillington NC


Absolutely love the water system

Absolutely love the water system. I love the taste of the drinking water. My skin is nice and smooth after a shower. I would recommend the system to all of my friends and relatives.

Veronica and Rupert B

Hope Mills NC

It is a great system

I enjoy this system very much. I love the taste of the water. I don’t have to buy bottled water anymore and that is a savings. It is a great system.

Janice J

Hope Mills NC

Best tasting water I have ever had

Best tasting water I have ever had. Skin feels amazing. Showers are very invigorating. Best investment our family has made. I would most definitely recommend ProElite water systems to all my friends and family.

Andrew and Danielle Z

Bunnlevel NC

Simply Amazing

The water system has saved spending on bottled water. I have noticed that bath (bar) soap lasts a lot longer, also dish washing soap the suds last longer. I am also excited about the different soap products and the five year supply is simply amazing.

Jose T

Spring Lake NC

We are so pleased

We are so pleased with the taste of our new water. Our clothes are clean and we use less soap.

Michael and Katie K

Lillington NC

Absolutely love our ProElite System

My family and I absolutely love or ProElite System. The difference in water quality is definitely noticeable. The water feels wonderful on our skin during showers and our extra filter tap tastes amazing. We are definitely going to recommend this water treatment system to all of our friends and family!

Frederick and Brianna S

Fayetteville NC

Water quality SUPER!

Water quality super! Love the fell of the water in the shower! Have had to be away from home a week recently and planned ahead and took gallon containers with me to drink.

Betty H

Fayetteville NC

Very pleased

So glad I had this system installed in our house. With two young children who drink water a majority of the time, it is reassuring knowing that the water they are consuming is as clean as possible. Not only that, but their skin, as well as ours, is noticeably less dry after showers and things just feel cleaner… Our laundry included. Sweat smell and stains, food stains, etc. just seem to come out better and with a lot less detergent or any type of spot treatment. Overall a great investment and very pleased. The peace of mind knowing that all our water running through our home is clean, is priceless.

Lauren and Cody S

Fayetteville NC


Massive difference

In the past month, I have noticed a massive difference in our water. I use less soap when doing our laundry, washing dishes, etc. I have also noticed a difference on how the water affects my skin form before and now. I would recommend this water system to anyone who asks.

John and Rhonda L.

Sanford NC

Great Product

Since we have started using the system, we have noticed a significant change in our skin. We don’t use as much soap and surprisingly not as much lotion. I love the bar soap and I never used them before due to not getting enough suds. That has completely changed! Great product, and will continue to recommend.

Melquan and Ebonee C.

Hope Mills NC

A dramatic difference

We have noticed a dramatic difference in the quality of our water since having the system installed. The water is fresher and everything seems cleaner. Definitely a good purchase.

Shaun and Laura K.

Hope Mills NC

What a difference

What a difference this water system has made for us. Thank you for the great service we have received.

Joseph and Dorothy D.

Pinehurst NC


The GE Bottle Free Water System is great.

The GE Bottle Free Water system is great. My family has seen noticeable difference in our water quality as well as seen increased savings on our monthly soap bills. I highly recommend this system to everybody looking for improved quality of water throughout their household. Thank you so much!

Jared and Allison I.

Whispering Pines NC

It is amazing!

Thank you so much for the water system! It is amazing! The bathing is much easier on our skin and the cleaning is so much easier. I would definitely recommend the system to anyone who has hard water! Thanks Again!

Dale and Tamika S.

Parkton NC


Thank you so much

We enjoy everything about our new water system, from the feel of our skin after using it, to the taste. Thank you so much for showing us how bad our water was and educating us on how good water can enhance our lives.

Dupree and Janis L.

Fayetteville NC

I love how clear the ice cubes are.

I enjoy the taste and clearness of the water. I am enjoying using less soap and conditioner. I love how clear the ice cubes are.

Michelle G.

Fayetteville NC

We enjoy the water.

We enjoy the water. The improvement of the taste and the fact we don’t have to purchase bottled water is a plus as well. Tabitha saw the difference in the water when she took her last trip and stayed in a hotel. We would recommend this system to anyone that purchases a home or is in need of quality water.

Robert and Tabitha R.

Fayetteville NC

We would recommend this system to everyone

We have been enjoying the water system. My dishes are so much cleaner. The water tastes better. The clothes are softer and cleaner. Both of us are retired and trying to update our home with the best modern conveniences. The clean water system is the best way to go. We would recommend this system to anyone. The people we have met have all been so nice and helpful as they come into our home.

Rachel and Jerry S

Wade NC

Exceeded our expectations

Our water purification system exceeded our expectations. Our savings in soap has been substantial. I highly recommend this system.

Brian F

Apex NC

Excellent Service

We’ve been very pleased with our new water filtration system from Bottle Free Water Systems. We were provided excellent service by both the installer and the follow up inspection. We have noticed a big difference in the taste of the water, the way our skin feels during and after a shower, and the lack of water spots on the shower doors. We would recommend this system from Bottle Free Water Systems to anyone who is concerned about the water quality in their home or who enjoys good tasting water and fewer spots.

Jeffery and Katie W.

Fuquay Varina NC

Surpasses my expectations

My new filtered water system surpasses my expectations. The drinking water is so good, I take some with me when I visit my mother. The regular water leaves my skin itch free and my clothes soft and odor free.

Elizabeth M.

Holly Springs NC

I love the taste of the water

We have really enjoyed the water system since it was installed. I love the taste of the water and the way our hair and skin feels. Also, when we use the laundry soap the smell stays longer.

Rebecca B

Stedman NC

This was a great investment!

I am so pleased with this water system. My skin is softer and my plants are still alive and very pretty. This was a great investment! I’m glad I did it.

Cheryl H.

Fayetteville NC

I am so pleased

I am so pleased with the cleanliness of my water. I have noticed a drastic improvement in my hair, skin, and overall cleanliness. Also an improvement within my laundry and dishes. We are very satisfied.

John and Alicia A.

Raeford NC

Love it!

I really like the system. I would never drink the water before I got the system, now I drink it all the time. Love it!

Lisa W.

Hope Mills NC

I sincerely love my new water

I sincerely love my new water system, I feel cleaner and I notice that I use much less soap and detergents. I really notice that the tub and commodes are cleaner. I am very delighted that I made the sacrifice to get the system and I hope some of the people I recommend will take advantage of the plan.

Sheila V.

Fayetteville NC 

The water is so much softer

I would like to express my delight with our new ProElite System. We have experienced major savings due to not having to purchase water bottles and soap products. My favorite part of having the system Pro Elite system in our home is the way I feel after showering! The water is so much softer and I truly feel refreshed!

Deceola W. Fayetteville NC

It has given me piece of mind

I really enjoy my water system. It has given me piece of mind and it saves me money on having to purchase bottled water. I tell all my friends and coworkers about my clean water. I like the fact that I have to use less soap and I really notice that my water is no longer hard. This system is well worth what I am paying. Its good not having to buy soap products. I enjoy the customer service and support that I know will be available if I ever need it. I have not needed it.

Keith M Lumberton NC

Save a lot of money

My husband and I really enjoy the Bottle Free system. We see the difference between the filter water and the Bottle Free water including the difference with our 3 year old son and his skin. We save a lot of money with cleaning and laundry products with less use of water. We really appreciate the fact of finding out about this system. We really support and promote the selling and use of Bottle Free. Thank you.

Dianica and Ty A. Fayetteville NC

The entire staff were most helpful

We are very pleased with the water system. What really gained our interest was the presentation done by Wesley. He was very polite, very knowledgeable, and very considerate. The tester, Jim, put the icing on the cake to speak, He was very personable. We look forward to years of use with the water system. My clothes are softer and of course we use less soap. The entire staff from the salesman to the tester, installation person and all that dealt with us were most helpful.

Samuel and Brenda R. Fayetteville NC

Bottled water taste straight from the tap

 We recently got a water softener/filtration system installed.  We have been very pleased with it thus far.  The water has a better taste and is nice because you get that bottled water taste straight from the tap.  We have also noticed it in some unexpected areas, like how much the water softener has improved my daughter’s eczema.  The towels feel much softer and you don’t have to use as much soap.  The sales representative and the installers were extremely nice and considerate, which made us feel more confident in our purchase.  The products that came with the installation have been nice, we have been surprised by how much we have liked them. Our Water Analyst was James. Thank you and May God Bless

Daniel and Angela W. Garner NC

We have had a great experience

We love our water system! We have seen a huge improvement in the taste and feel of our water. We use less soaps and detergents on a daily basis. All of our technicians and customer service personnel have been friendly and extremely helpful. Overall we have had a great experience and hope to enjoy our system for many years to come.

Darlye and Antoinette B. Cameron NC

Our drinking water is healthier

We like how our skin feels after the shower. We love that we don’t need as much soap to wash laundry or our hair. We like that our drinking water is healthier and we’re making good steps to keep our children safe and healthy.

Steve and Eileen M. Fayetteville NC

Saved us on the cost of our water bill

The water system has been remarkable. The family loves the taste of the water and has saved us on the cost of our water bill. Great system.

Charlotte H. Fayetteville NC


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