Benefits of Clean Water

Reduces build-up of scale in pipes and appliances

Depositphotos_36337109_xsWhen your home is supplied with clean water, you can be rest assured that the plumbing, fixtures, and water using appliances in your home will be free of damaging scale build-up that can lead to costly plumbing repair and premature replacement of your appliances.

Reduces the amount of soap and detergents required for cleaning

Depositphotos_18853377_xsWashing and cleaning with clean water will save you time and money. It reduces the effort you put into the scrubbing process and the amount of soap required to do the same job. We could all use more time and money.

Eliminates hard water residue in fabrics, which can make clothing last longer

Housework: young woman doing laundry (shallow DOF; color toned iFabrics washed in clean water last longer, and whites come out brighter because it lacks mineral deposits. Using warm or hot water to do your laundry is not necessary. In fact, your clothing will be thoroughly cleaned with cold water, and you will save on energy costs.

Eliminates most spotting on dishware and glassware

                Kitchen WomanClean water allows the soap to rinse clean from dishes and glassware and the absence of hard water minerals in clean water virtually eliminates spotting caused by water filled with hardness minerals.     

Lowers energy consumption in water using appliances and extends their life

Saving EnergyBy eliminating the scale build up caused by hardness minerals in the water, your appliances don’t have to work as hard to do their job. Clean water produces significant savings by maintaining the factory efficiency of existing appliances, such as water heaters and dishwashers, resulting in an increased lifetime and lowering maintenance costs.


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